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How Patients with a Terminal Diagnosis Try to Find Hope

When the news of a terminal diagnosis breaks, everyone involved will be in total shock. While some family members will just try to accept the fact that they will soon lose their loved one, the patient may still continue to think there is still...

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Helping your Terminally-Ill Loved One Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety in patients nearing death is a common occurrence. This can be caused by a patient’s reaction to shortness of breath, severe pain or a negative thought. Some terminally-ill patients may experience mild anxiety; however, others...

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Managing Breathing Difficulties in Terminally-Ill Patients

Breathing difficulty can be experienced by people who are suffering from a terminal illness in hospice care setting as they experience a near-death situation. This condition is called dyspnea which can sometimes arise without warning. Those...

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Getting Smart with Advanced Care Planning

How do you plan for unexpected events in the future? How do you prepare in case of emergencies occur especially when it comes to your health? Many of us try to deal with these unexpected accidents or diseases by investing in healthcare programs...

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Ambercity Hospice, Inc.

It’s worth Differentiating Hospice Care from Palliative Care

Many people interchange a hospice care provider to a home health care agency or a nursing home facility. Well, it’s not difficult to say why. There really are similarities among the different types of health care providers in the manner they...

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