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It’s worth Differentiating Hospice Care from Palliative Care

Many people interchange a hospice care provider to a home health care agency or a nursing home facility.

Well, it’s not difficult to say why. There really are similarities among the different types of health care providers in the manner they handle and manage their clients.


For one, all of them serve clients that are in need of treatment, care, comfort and compassion.

Too, they employ almost the same sets of professionals like registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, home health aides, companions, social workers and even physicians.

Yet another similarity consists in the venue where care is being provided. Both palliative care and hospice care conduct their services in the private homes of their clients, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

But the similarities end there. Hospice care and palliative care have distinct differences.


Primarily, palliative care and hospice care differ on the type of clients they are serving. The former caters to the needs of anyone with a serious illness. The latter provides care and comfort to anyone with a serious illness whom doctors think has only a short time to live, often less than six months.

Palliative care can provide treatments to cure the illness of the patients, but for the hospice care, only relief of the symptoms of the patient’s medical condition is provided.

The length of care also varies between the two. For the palliative care, services depend on the needs of the patient and his or her insurance plan. On the other hand, the services of a hospice care don’t last years but months, usually less than six months.

Hospice care also has team members that are not normally present in palliative care. They are the chaplain and the bereavement support.

Our chaplain provides emotional and spiritual counseling to the patient and family members as they cope with end-of-life stage. Spiritual care is a personal process that can give a peace of mind and emotional strength to both the patient and family.

Bereavement Support enters the care plan at the time of mourning and helps the family through the grieving process. Support may include loss counseling as well as memorial service.

Regarding payments, Medicare will shoulder all hospice charges while with a palliative care, it depends on the benefits and treatment plan of the client.

With the similarities and differences between the two types of caregiving being spelled out, it would be much clearer to you now which type of care your loved ones need depending on their state of health.

How Can Ambercity Hospice, Inc. help You?

Our hospice care outfit, Ambercity Hospice, Inc. the highly patronized source of hospice care in Central Ave Riverside California, can help you and your loved ones in different ways.

We have routine care, continuous care, respite care and in-patient care. What are these types of services?

Routine Care is simply the service provided to the patient in their home.

Continuous Care is service provided only during periods of crisis when the patient requires an intensive level of care for at least eight hours in a 24-hour period.

Respite Care is service provided to the patient to relieve family members or caregivers from the responsibilities of caring the patient at home. The patient can stay in a contracted facility for no more than five consecutive days.

In-Patient Hospice Care is a service to the patient who needs pain and symptom management that cannot be provided at home and thus, the patient must be transferred into a skilled nursing care. Once the patient’s pain is managed or stabilized, he/she must return to a routine level of care.

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