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Dealing with Grief and Loss

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Placing your loved ones in hospice care makes you face the inevitability of death and loss. Facing your loved ones mortality can be distressing and painful but it is something that everyone experiences in their life. Although everyone experiences grief, each individual has different ways of accepting and coping with loss. There are stages of grief that a person encounters when faced with the death of a love one, in may not come in any particular order, but these stages are helpful in accepting your loss and learning to move on with your life.

Ambercity Hospice Care in Central Ave Riverside California does not only care for your terminally-ill loved one, but also you and the rest of your family. Our hospice care in Central Ave Riverside California has trained social workers to help you work through the grieving process allowing you the chance to mourn your loss yet learn to accept it and move on.

As mentioned earlier, these stages of grief do not come in this specific order and our grief is as unique as the person experiencing it. You may encounter the stages at a slow pace or you may go through it like nothing, but the bottom line is they are the tools that help you handle the pain and ache of your loss.

1. Denial. It is normal to not accept the loss immediately. Everything will seem so overwhelming yet denial cushions the blow of the reality of the loss. Sometimes the bereaved will feel numb and in shock. This initial reaction keeps our feeling in check and helps us pace our grief.
2. Anger. This is when the pain starts to sink in and emotions become high. You start pointing fingers and blaming people about the death. You start arguing that there could’ve been something else done to prevent the death. Let your anger take over so you can fully move on once it disappears. This feeling is also a way to mask the feeling of helplessness.
3. Bargaining. This is when all the “what ifs” and “if onlys” start coming up. Thoughts of the things that you could have done to prevent the death or at least prolong your loved ones life. Guilt and remorse often stem and can interfere with you moving on.
4. Depression – at this stage, you start feeling empty and extremely sad. You long to see, touch and embrace your departed loved one yet you know that isn’t possible anymore. You may feel weak, you loss appetite, you have irregular sleeping patterns and you have a hard time concentrating. You just want to be isolated and you lose all sense of purpose.
5. Acceptance – no matter how you go through the stages of grief, this should always be the last stage. You have learned to accept the loss and you can be at peace knowing that person is no longer with you. The pain is still there, you’ve just learned to face reality and move on with your life. You come to terms with the loss and the healing can continue.

We at Ambercity Hospice Care in Central Ave Riverside California understand the feelings you are having and we want to help you through those trying times. We encourage you to allow the grief to take over you so you can fully recover from it. If you avoid and resist it, the longer it’ll take to move on and let go. You should remember that as long as there is more life around you, there is still hope and there is still a better reason to move on with your life.

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